From Two Kids to Three: The Year 1 Audit

As with any big organisational change, it seems fitting for me to do a review of this whole 'Having three kids instead of the perfectly rational two kids that most other people have' malarkey. An audit if you like. Being an official report; I have broken it down into easy-to-digest sections for the auditors. Section … Continue reading From Two Kids to Three: The Year 1 Audit

How (not) To Discipline Your Kids

Seven and a half years into my parenting career; there is still so much I do not know. I still have so many questions. Questions I'm hoping you lovely readers can help me with. Some are lighthearted enough. For example; when will they stop telling me they're 'just going for a poo right?'. Seriously, when!? … Continue reading How (not) To Discipline Your Kids