REVIEW! Sling Baby

We’ve all been there haven’t we!? One kid hanging off your leg having a tantrum, one kid who has dropped the contents of their school bag into the road, and another kid in your aching arms getting heavier by the second! Just me..? Oh ok…clearly I had one kid too many…

Seriously though, I’ve often wished I’d gotten into wearing my baby in a sling so that I was more hands-free to deal with the other two. I’ve had the odd dabble with a baby bjorn but never really managed to get it to fit comfortably enough to use for any longer than ten minutes while I made the kids tea.

I was thrilled to bits when the lovely Sarah from ‘Sling Baby’ asked me to review her service; finally I’d be able to pick the brains of an expert and work out which baby carrier was right for me.

I’ve long known about all the benefits of baby wearing in terms of bonding and child development; but I was interested to know how practical a baby carrier was with an older baby.

Sarah came out to the house, along with her array of baby dolls (which still freak me out I’m afraid!). She was so lovely and as knowledgeable as I’d hoped.

She talked me through all the different slings/wraps/carriers that she either rents out or sells to clients after their intital consultation. Then using the (slightly freaky) dolls, I tried them out. It was so helpful having an expert to show you how they need to be positioned! Way more comfortable for me and I’m sure way more comfortable for the baby. Sarah assured me that worn properly, a baby carrier should never be uncomfortable and there shouldn’t be any lower back issues, regardless of how big the child is. Result!

Sarah also gives you videos of her putting on the sling that you hire, meaning you’ve got something to refer back to you if your frazzled baby-brain lets you down!

I’ve always been a bit weirded out by the idea of those wraps; I didn’t want to be that mother who ties it wrong and drops her baby onto the pavement! But after a few practices with the doll I was like an old hand.

Sarah loaned me two fantastic slings which came in mega handy on my holiday the following week. Especially one called the konnecta which was so light, it rolled up into my hand luggage like a jumper, meaning I could pull it out and wear my little dude in the airport when he needed a cuddle.

If you’re interested in the concept of baby wearing but clueless as to where to start; I couldn’t recommend Sarah’s ‘Sling Baby’ service more highly. Peace of mind and a comfy carry are guaranteed!

Give Sarah a call on 07584639516 or find her @slingbabyuk

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